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This is the status page for Fark's behind-the-scenes geekery. If there's a major outage or problem, we'll try to post something here about it (unless we're too up to our eyeballs in trying to actually fix it)... so check here if Fark's hosed for an extended length of time. Normally this page will be blank. :-) For more minor issues, see Mike's blog, or more likely, Mike's twitter, Drew's twitter, Fark twitter or all Fark staff/mod/admin twitters together. On (very!) rare occasion you may be able to catch Mike on the data center webcam.

Our normal hosting is at QX.net. This is hosted at a different ISP in case of backbone-related problems -- thanks to Bluegrass.net for that.

Sun Oct 12 23:54:20 EDT 2014: 15-30 minute outage coming up to replace a disk controller card. UPDATE Mon Oct 13 00:43:33 EDT 2014: The new card did not work correctly, reverted to the old one for now.

Tue Sep 30 18:56:33 EDT 2014: Quick 5-10 min outage for some emergency firmware patches. (Done now.)

Wed Aug 13 10:52:12 EDT 2014: Our hosting provider will be doing some electrical work tonight (9 pm ET or so) which may involve a few minutes of downtime for us. Now completed

Mon Jul 21 15:43:18 EDT 2014: After midnight, there will be some downtime of a file server to add some new hardware, which will affect display of images in comments threads and user profiles. It will also take the headline search feature down. The site should continue working, except for those two things. The downtime will probably be about 15 to 30 minutes. (And then we're gonna let it all hang out.
UPDATE: Or, you know, the whole site could go down too. But not for more than another 5 minutes. :p UPDATE: completed Tue Jul 22 00:14:33 EDT 2014

Wed Jul 16 13:24:49 EDT 2014: We're looking into the text editor problems -- buttons having the wrong icons and whatnot. We rolled that particular upgrade back and it should be OK now.

Mon Jul 14 16:01:01 EDT 2014: looking into performance problems w/ (among other things) images.

Thu Jul 10 13:57:17 EDT 2014: OK, whatever was going on with Verizon FiOS is apparently happening again. See below.

Tue Jun 24 21:51:56 EDT 2014: Not exactly a high priority issue, but, we're aware that some animated GIFs in comment threads are not actually animated. We'll be investigating later (it's probably an ImageMagick glitch), and once fixed, previously posted animations will start animating again. (Fixed Wednesday morning)

Sat Jun 21 21:42:26 EDT 2014: We have had some isolated reports of connectivity problems to Fark from Verizon FiOS users. Not all FiOS users, just some here and there. As far as we can tell at this point, the problem is internal to Verizon's network (meaning we can't do anything about it) but we are keeping an eye on it. Basically, if www.qx.net loads for you, and Fark doesn't, then it's likely a Fark problem; if neither one works, it's a Verizon issue, or a problem with one of Verizon's BGP peers. If www.fark.com works but images don't load on the page, then it could be at either and. Other things to check: ping www.fark.com and img.fark.net; make sure www.fark.com's DNS entry comes up as (and, if Verizon FiOS has IPv6 these days, 2607:f100:3:164:fa12:1c:bee:12). If all that checks out then (from another connection) let us know your external IPv4 address at Farkback and we can do a little more troubleshooting, but as this appears to be a Verizon problem so far (or a BGP problem) there's not much we can do about it. Also if any network engineers at Verizon are reading this, we're in BGP AS 13776 if it helps.

If you are seeing a delay before Fark starts to load (or Google, Facebook, or other sites since June 6, 2012), see http://test-ipv6.com/ or http://ipv6eyechart.ripe.net/ to see if you have IPv6 connectivity issues that might be causing the issues. If you are IPv4 only, then this test should say "When a publisher offers both IPv4 and IPv6, your browser appears to be happy to take the IPv4 site without delay." If it doesn't, you might... well... have delays. :) You might also try http://netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/ which can diagnose many problems with both IPv4 and IPv6 connections.

Mike the Server Monkey having a bad day

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